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A al Colthard/Sheekeys


In the 60s – as a callow but engaged pretty young girl who started her weekend at the Markham Arms, Kings Road, and kicked her heels at the Pheasantry – I used to visit Ma  Sheekeys.

It was popular with sports stars – Henry Cooper and Johnny Haynes used to tuck into their sea food there.

Now it’s part of the Richard Caring chain.

I was part of the Rust party going to Leopoldstadt and I was deputed to book the restaurant and went for Sheekeys, which was round the corner  from the Wyndham Theatre.

My readers know how critical I am of poor greeting and welcome at a restaurant.

I can be equally critical when leaving. I’m sick and tired of unacceptable delays in bringing the bill and in finding my coat in the cloakroom.

The latter happened at Sheekeys. I handed my cloakroom ticket to a restaurant greater for collection, was told to wait, then informed I was in a private function by some supercilious bastard to whom I explained I was still awaiting my coat.

Do you have a ticket?

No, he took it away“.

Eventually  I grabbed somebody/anybody to sort this out.

This – and the blandest mash potato I have tasted since some I bought some from ASDA for £2 – persuades me that, whilst I enjoyed Sheekeys in the 60s, I don’t a few years on … it will be sometime (at £94 per head) before I return.

Daphne Colthard
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