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A la Colthard/cheap and wholesome fare

After my experience at Hide Above, I’m pleased to report that there are restaurant out there that offer wholesome fare at sensible prices.

80 Brent Street Hendon is an unlikely venue for such food particularly as the restaurant is kosher but the Bistro there came up to expectations.

I had a chicken soup and veal Milanese, good portions, well cooked, excellent produce. The price per head was £45.

My only complaint was the first two white wines ordered were not available and the proprietor suggested a Sauvignon Blanc at £38. If you don’t have the wine you should not advertise it on the menu and you should make it clear the one suggested is far more expensive. The other diners were equally praise worthy of the food.

We visited the Ram at Firle after the trip to nearby Charleston, it’s always been a favourite of mine: again good, well-cooked food at sensible prices with a garden and a local ale brewed in the village.

It’s always crowded, we could not get a table in the main dining area. I had delicious venison carpaccio followed by cod in fishy sauce, a bit mushy but tasty enough. Again at £25 per head a sensible price.

I visited on recommendation yesterday La Piazza in Hove.

The recommendation came from a someone who eats a lot as his roly-poly frame would suggest.He is a great enthusiast and in this case rightly so.

I ate fresh tagliatelle carbonara, sea bass on risotto and an apple crumble. We pushed the boat out with a liquor coffee with amaretto.

This was £60 per head with wine and drinks beforehand and I did not begrudge one penny.

There are restaurants outside London and you can drive through the prettiest countryside in the land not a horrendous London traffic jam to access them.

Daphne Colthard
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