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Readers will know my suspicion of restaurants with panoramic views and expensive menus who are up themselves so on both counts I went to The Icebergs on Bondi Beach with some trepidation.

I need not have done so as it was superb.

The cuisine is regional Italian, the view over Bondi Beach magnificent. The five of us ate and drank royally for £63 per head.

I had six shucked fresh oysters, a spaghetti in ink fish sauce – one of my favourite dishes and cooked to perfection; king fish and a tirimasu which we all shared: with drinks beforehand and sauvignon blanc the final bill was the same as San Lorenzo in Wimbledon though with better views!!!. One tip: you need to book, but go for the later session at 8-30 and have a refreshing sundowner aperitif at the bar to watch the sun set.

I heard good things of Sokyio in the casino in Pymont.

It was fully booked so we were directed to the bar and ate comfortably on sofas where we were joined by a Chinese friend of Bob who pronounced on the food as “Velly delicious”.

The final bill was 56 a head with 2 carafes of Saki. We had a plate of 24 sashimi and waggyu beef. All velly delicious!!!

The Meat and Wine Company at Barangeroo  serves as the name suggests juicy steaks and decent wine. I met an old friend who was a temp with me at a law firm way back when. You could see Kerry was made for bigger and better things then but though a power woman in computer services she is sugar coated with Kiwi friendliness. When I complained about Sydney she said she was so fed up with the civic government not listening that she stood as an independent MP to make the case. She is the type who does not moan but acts. She said she could cook a better steak but my rib-eye with a bottle of Maclaren Vale was fine. Never married with only two relationships of 20 years, each with a man, she seemed a happy high flier to me!!! She was critical of the service, the time it took to clear whilst the waiter chatted away on and adjoining table. The bill was the now familiar £65 per head








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