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I can only agree with Bob about the Japanese toilet. I am sure that the control console sadly in Japanese would reveal yet more sensory pleasures of hot jets “where the sun don’t shine”!!!

Last night the group went out for a meal in a local restaurant. For many they had just arrived and into a deluge of monsoon rain. I cannot give the name of the restaurant with certainty.

The only English I could find in the link provided by Wayne Smith was ‘Pay, Pay’ but that might be the cost of the dish!

The formula however was simple: eat as much as you want and drink for 5000 yen (£36).

We were all confused by the ordering by a tablet proffered. The business model was to keep everything at a low a cost base as possible. The place was packed and clearly popular.

Raw chicken, pork, tongue and beef were brought to the table and we cooked this over a heated wire stove in its centre.

Health and safety might have something to say as flames induced by the fat roared out of the griddle. It was all delicious and washed down by sake most welcome – that sandwich at Kobe station seemed a long time ago.

Having a fixed price suited the wallet and logistics of the group in a city not known for its cheap restaurants. One interesting aspect is they will never accept a tip. There was a surplus of £10 but the restaurant would not accept this as a gratuity.

It’s a jolly group and much banter as the big game approaches.

Some were worried, England are respected but you can see rugby and the All Black ethos means so much to these warm-hearted unpretentious people. The jersey is not so much a badge of honour but carries the aspirations of the nation.

I leave you with this thought: New Zealand ‘s land mass is roughly the same as Japan. Japan is a country of 126 million, New Zealand 4.7 millions. A fair proportion of that 126 million seemed to be in Tokyo main station when we arrived.

I have never seen such a press of people.

No doubt the rugby fans of each semi final nation are sampling the delights offered by the area around the station !!!

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