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A la Colthard/Kobe beef and Sumo

Yesterday I sampled one of Japan’s greatest delicacies Kobe Beef. Only the best cows are selected and then fed a special diet of milk and grass.

It certainly is not cheap but you will never taste anything like it.

Like most things in Japan there is ritual. A solemnly dressed cook in his Steak House apparel smears oil on his hot plate in front of you then tenderises the steak, cooks it fastidiously before dicing into cubes.

Unlike steak back home it needs no accompaniment in terms of mustard or even veg. I ordered some fried garlic and a simple salad.

Meat of this incompatible quality merits the best wine and I selected a glass of Pomerol. The total bill was over £200. Was it worth it? Yes.

Today the group heads south to the old imperial capital of Kyoto and then Kobe. We are having a tour of Tokyo first including a demonstration of Sumo. I tell you some of those wrestlers have a better pair than me!!!!

And as for their meaty buttocks….grrrrh!!!

Daphne Colthard
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