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A la Colthard/Milos and Sartoria

One new, one tried and tested, this week – or to be exact last Monday when I visited both.

Milos is an upmarket Greek restaurant in St James, the bottom end of Regent St near St James Park.

A friend Petros  suggested it and I was impressed. Unlike many an expensive eaterie it serves a 3 course set lunch at a reasonable £25.

I had octopus salad followe bya fresh piece of bream. Petros  says the fish is flown in daily. His Greek salad looked wholesome too. I stuck to no alcohol and the bill came to £100 for two: service professional, good buzz, mainly business people – though my friend once spotted Lily James there on St Valentines Day.

The accent is on wholesome food. Well worth a visit. By the way, Petros , a Greek financier, told me that on a first class flight back from the Middle East he took a shower and with rather lot of Dom Perignon inside did a rendition of  Zorba’s dance in the cubicle which for some reason set off the smoke alarm.

The stewardess – as they say – forced entry and was startled by what she saw !!!

To the Sartoria in Savile Row in the evening.

I have been a visitor for many years.   It’s now in the D& D restaurant chain and resident Chef Francesco Mazzei is making a name for himself.

Frankly, I thought the wine prices ridiculous.

I thought the Antanori at £60 was good value till I discovered this was for a 175mm glass!

Eventually I found  a decently priced Dolcetto. Their Carbonara is good but so is the one at my local Italian at 25% of the price.

The bill came to £130 per person.

The restaurant was a quarter full and I’m not surprised.

D & D China own 43 restaurants and – in keeping with the modern trend is open all day starting with breakfast – and with a bar.  There is danger of pricing themselves out.

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