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A la Colthard/ The Caxton Grill

With two caveats the dining experience at the Caxton Grill was first class. Normally I am not one for offers through internet intermediaries but meeting an old friend – not that sort!!!! – in Victoria I came across the Caxton Grill off Victoria Street and an offer of 3 courses plus glass of vino for £25. The menu offered 3 options per course and I plumped for cuttlefish on polenta and a mustard crust pork belly. Both delicious and full of flavour. The apple mousse with cinnamon pud, they gave it a swankier title, was very good too. I had glass of Verdejo and would have given the restaurant a nine out of ten aside from my 2 beefs.

As my readers know I am big on greeting. So to be greeted with “We don’t have any reservation” when it was confirmed did not please me. The follow up was “You are the lunch deal”: as if I was some bargain hunter less deserving of a warm welcome bordered on the offensive.  As we all know the reason why restaurants use Bookatable and their like is they are not full enough and try to attract punters with a good deal.  Okay, I know one restaurant in Brighton full of diners eating discounted cod and chips but I was only following up here on a publicised deal.

The second was, on arrival of the bill, the wine had  been charged as an extra. On querying, the bill was changed. However, there are those that would not have noticed. How many of you check the bill? It’s naughty  to make  such an error.

I don’t think however  the problem for Caxton Grill is poor greeting or bill preparation. Its in a graveyard  area made worse by New Scotland Yard opposite being demolished. Those living in Pimlico and South Belgravia have enough restaurants  so where Caxton Grill is  situate they are going to find generating trade difficult.

Daphne Colthard
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