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A la Colthard / The Flint House Brighton

Ben and Pamela Mckellar have been around the Brighton restaurant scene for some 21 years now with their Gingerman group with outlets in Kemp Town, Hove and Hurstpierpoint.

I have visited the first two and would categorise them as good but not so good as to wish to return.

The notion that the couple were getting set in their ways is dispelled by their new venture The Flint House in the Lanes.

I was sent an enthusiastic review in the Guardian and yesterday sampled it.

I was mightily impressed. It enjoys a sizeable space in Hannigan’s Lane in the Lanes which normally has cramped venues.

It’s modern British cuisine with shared plates. We ordered a ham and béchamel fried roll, sweet corn fritters to share, duck and a delicious fried doughnut concoction of white chocolate and passion fruit. All fab.

I tucked into the Negronis- very well-mixed – and we had a bottle of Pinot Noir.

My friend took the bill but I paid for my Negronis and I guess total would be £140. The service was excellent.

My only beefs were:

1) the music was too loud and I had to ask for the volume to be turned down;

2) They do not take bookings;

3) not enough tables and those that were too close to one another;

Small points which can be corrected.

Daphne Colthard
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