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A la Colthard / The Squire and Horse , Arundel

After all the expense of Japanese cuisine, I craved for cheaper heartier fare and could not have found a better place than the gastro pub The Squire and Horse in Bury near Arundel.

I regularly meet up for lunch with one of my oldest friends, an internet entrepreneur who is one of those types that can turn his hand to most things and do them well.

Time was we would meet in London in some expensive eaterie but both of us moved to East and West Sussex respectively and now our venue is a Sussex gastro pub plentiful in the two counties. .

It was my first visit to the Squire and Horse an inn that goes back to the sixteenth century.

I took the train from Brighton and had to endure a woman in the carriage booming on her mobile about a test that showed she had a fatty liver.

I had organised a taxi from Ford chiefly known as an open prison and a fire caused by an inmate cooking Crepes Suzettes!!!

You often seen dodgy women dressed to the nines alight at the station!!!

The taxi took me through delicious countryside which looked all the better on a day which was clear, chilly and as crisp as a russet apple. How much more agreeable than Oxford St.

I ordered a goats cheese and mushroom soufflé and a breast of Barbary duck with potatoes dauphinois.

Both as good any thing I have tasted in a fancy restaurant at double the price. In fact the chef Nick worked in some of the best restaurants in Melbourne, the foodie capital of Australia, and his wife the cheerful Wendy hosts front of house.

My friend recommended the deserts and I had a white chocolate mousse … divine! He took the bill and recovering from jet lag I had no alcohol so I guess the cost for two was in the region of £70.

Excellent value, excellent place.

Daphne Colthard
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