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A new beginning …

Today I begin what may an occasional feature on items spotted on the internet of ‘this modern PC-dominated world gone mad’, albeit not least in covering “Wimmins Issues” – and I here use the word “wimmin” with acknowledgement and apologies to Private Eye magazine which I believe was the first to adopt it as a means of gently mocking the over-represented media-preponderance of items supposedly advancing the cause of the disadvantaged female gender.


First up, here comes Anna Kessel writing upon the vitally-important need to redress the historical imbalance in favour of men as regards the choice of those who become subjects of the blue plaques that are placed upon buildings to remind the public of famous people who once lived or worked there.

For me, being a reactionary old Neanderthal, this smacks of nothing more than a campaign of positive action to achieve ‘equality’ between the sexes.

See here for a link to Kessel’s piece as appears today upon the website of – THE GUARDIAN


Next, here’s a typical example of the Millennial ‘Snow Flake’ Generation in full swing, demanding that people should avoid clapping in order not to offend those who are disadvantaged in any way and/or those who might not be included – you should probably file this one under the general heading ‘Promoting Diversity’.

See here for Mark Duell’s report, also spotted today upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL


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