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We coach potatoes have our likes and dislikes when it comes to commentators and analysts. I sometimes wonder that one of the reasons why the Rust advocates no attendance as it saves sending out the chief sports correspondent, normally one of the highest paid on the paper, possessed of a creative view of expenses. It’s much cheaper to have me on a sofa rubbishing the presentation.

In fact there was much to admire on the two sporting events I followed for some 5 hours – the Open and The Tour – on the TV, less so on Radio 5.

I like SKY’s presentation of golf, especially the anchor man Ewan Murray.

Murray was a respectable pro at the Walton Heath golf club and knows his golf.  He has an easy, light touch, is exceptionally well-informed and brings in the analyst when necessary.

SKY tend to have guests as  analysts for short periods like Tom Watson and Darren Clarke.

My pet dislike is Wayne Riley, a buffoon who is professional Aussie.

He suffers from Lawrensonitis, he thinks he is funny but he isn’t.

My other critique was that there was little mention of Tommy Armour or even Ben Hogan but plenty on more recent Opens there notably Van der Velde’s triple bogey and trip to the Barry Burn where he took his shoes and socks off to play the unplayable.

Over on Radio 5 we had Mark “Social Media” Chapman  presenting as he seems to do in every sport. There is probably an internal ruling that every sports presentation must have 50%  female commentators. No problem here except that we had no space for Jay Townsend with his forthright views.

The Tour is on Eurosport and ITV 4. Eurosport is the more animated but the feed comes from French TV and the enjoyment over 4 hours lies more in the picturesque views as most of the most engaging sporting battles take place in the last 10 kilometres.

It was one of those safe days, one for the sprinters except there were not that many left. So the SKY team kept an eye on the contenders of which Quintana was the loser.

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