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A walk by the sea

Yesterday I went with my friends from London for a walk by the sea. The coastal air did us good.

There were were quite few others doing the same.

One of my friends commented that it was the last hurrah.

The problem is that the more the government tells people to isolate, the more they are inclined to panic, hoard food, visit open spaces.

This said, although many flocked to the coast, the 2m distance was respected at the beach cafe where we stopped.

There is a feeling of paranoia.

Does the government know something we do not?

Are they holding info back?

During the war Franklin D Roosevelt  summoned Henry Ford for the Victory programme to supervise aircraft production.

Winston Churchill enlisted Max Beaverbrook with the same brief.

These were businessmen who could get the job done and they did.

I do not see similar men of such calibre here.


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