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Formerly a consumer journalist on radio and television, in 2002 Gerald published a thriller novel featuring a campaigning editor who was wrongly accused and jailed for fraud. He now runs a website devoted to consumer news. More Posts

The subtle art of letting it creep up on you …

Ageing is a weird process because every living thing does it without ever – I suspect – fully knowing (or should that be ‘acknowledging’) it. Every dog begins as a ball-of-fluff puppy, acts like one until they’re about eight or even ten and then gradually turns in to a wheezing, rarely [...]

February 10, 2020 // 0 Comments

Investment matters

Later this month investors in Neil Woodford’s flagship fund Equity Income will receive their first pay out since it was suspended – known as “gated” in the trade. “ Equity income” is a misnomer as the equities were mainly private companies and illiquid (he could find no market [...]

January 25, 2020 // 0 Comments

On life and death

As someone in their seventh decade I consider myself both lucky and privileged to still be conducting an occasional correspondence with my godfather that has endured over half a century. A former academic who lives on the far side of the world, at 97 he still reads avidly, takes the Times Literary [...]

January 12, 2020 // 0 Comments

Fitness and the far-off past

At the risk of spreading boredom amongst Rusters I am beginning today’s post with an update upon my recent attempts to hold back the effects of old age with an ongoing fitness campaign which have been only partially successful. Regular readers may be vaguely familiar with my progress in this [...]

December 5, 2019 // 0 Comments

Yet more computor generated aggro

Yesterday I received a letter – no doubt computer-generated – regarding my renewal of travel insurance. The letter was dated 22 November and the final date for renewal was 22 November so the policy had lapsed. I had even spoke to them on 21st October informing them that the bank for [...]

November 26, 2019 // 0 Comments

Against all odds

Self-indulgent it may be, but today I return to the travails of seeking to retain peak fitness in one’s seventh decade – ready at a moment’s notice, should the need arise, to take the field for either England in a major international and/or Team GB in the 2020 Olympics at any sport in which a [...]

November 21, 2019 // 0 Comments

Something that came back to me

A snapshot from the past. Yesterday, as I was walking into town to do some shopping, for no reason at all I remembered a scene from my past that made me smile. Eons ago – well, it must have been about 1966 because I was fourteen at the time – I was living away in the countryside at a boarding [...]

November 16, 2019 // 0 Comments

The Saga endeth

Readers may recall my dispute with Saga who increased the renewal premium for my medical insurance by 100% and when I queried this added on another £600. It was also virtually impossible to communicate with them. I received a holding letter that my complaint was still being investigated a week [...]

November 13, 2019 // 0 Comments

Five days and counting …

Hot on the back of the unexpected – I’m not going to say unintended – news that the Rust’s contingent of correspondents in Japan for the final ten days of the Rugby World Cup have been nominated for a special Pullitzer Prize for Best Foreign Coverage of a Global Event, today I thought I’d [...]

October 29, 2019 // 0 Comments

The Saga endeth

I had to admit conditional defeat in my battle with Saga. I took advice from a loss adjuster I have known for many years who said that an insurance company can and does cancel a policy if payment is not made, even though it is the incorrect sum. So I decided to agree to pay on a quarterly basis and [...]

October 10, 2019 // 0 Comments

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