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Neil went to the City of London School and Manchester University graduating with a 1st in economics. After a brief stint in accountancy, Neil emigrated to a kibbutz In Israel. His articles on the burgeoning Israeli film industry earned comparisons to Truffaut and Godard in Cahiers du Cinema. Now one of the world's leading film critics and moderators at film Festivals Neil has written definitively in his book Kosher Nostra on Jewish post war actors. Neil lives with his family in North London. More Posts


1. Senna 2010 A brilliant study of what drives a sportman to achieve sporting perfection. 2 . Fire in Babylon 2010 Not everyone admired the West Indies of the 70s and 80s as they did not maintain a proper over rate, played without spinners and set out to maim batsmen but to go 15 years without [...]

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  1 . Das Boot 1981 Wolfgang Petersen AGerman film which brilliantly conveys the danger and claustrophobic grimness of being in a uboat for a considerable time . Starring Jurgen Pochnow as the young captain of a younger crew ( he was the English Patient )the British viewer takes an ambivalent [...]

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We film critics are known for having bees in their bonnets. Mine is a dislike for the modern American cinema. When I composed and circulated my list on courtroom dramas my regular readers picked me up on the omission of A Few Good Men. I do admire director Rob Reiner whose best film is This is [...]

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  1 One Flew Over the Cuckoo”s Nest. 1975 Milos Forman This would top most lists for Jack Nicholson’s performance but Louise Fletcher (Nurse Ratched)and Will Sampson ( Chief Bromden) deliver exceptional ones too. 2 The Three Faces of Eve 1957 Nunnaly Johnson The true story of Eve [...]

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Neil Rosen’s film list: court room dramas

  The courtroom drama makes for great cinema. Here is list of my favourites. I know I have left a few out like A Few Good Men and a Dock Brief but I can’t advocate what I have not seen, your honour. Twelve Angry Men 1957 Sidney Lumet Sidney Lumet’s first and best film with a [...]

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Neil Rosen’s film list/ ships

  ships film lists So now to the mysteries of the cinematic deep. I omitted The Poseidon Adventure and Titanic. My neglected classic is The Enemy Below. Like many an Allied war films , its generally respectful of the German war effort.. The Caine Mutiny 1954 Stanley Kramer Humphrey Bogart [...]

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Neil Rosen’s Film Lists

  Sunset Boulevard. 1950 Billy Wilder This Billy Wilder classic is as perceptive look at films as it gets. That old fraud Eric von Stroheim ( there was nothing aristocratic about him) was superb as the white gloved chauffeur of Norma Desmond but William Holden , and Gloria Swanson deliver fine [...]

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Captain Phillips/ Neil Rosen

There are 2 ways to look at Captain Phillips. The first is its a slick film with a well known capable lead in Tom Hanks and a fast moving representation of a true story. This is the one that most critics and certainly the audience adopt. I prefer the second and less fashionable one,namely that it [...]

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