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Headhunters (2011)

I participated in a list of non-English speaking movies and my Scandinavian contribution was Force Majeure, a Swedish drama that begins in a ski resort which  a rich young family visit. An avalanche descends and the wife decides that her husband’s main concern is to save his skin. This gnaws [...]

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Keeping an eye on what’s happening

It’s a funny old world. During the gestation period of this organ, in our wildest imaginings not a man jack among the original editorial team had the slightest idea that in a few short years the Rust would become one of the world’s most popular go-to websites or achieve its current ever-growing [...]

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There are several notable features about the artistic work of Christo who died recently aged 85. His large scale outdoor works were not commissioned – he received nothing for them – and although they took years sometimes decades to plan with his wife Jeanne Claude they were dismantled [...]

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Dunkirk (1958)

I watched this film yesterday.  Although a traditional war movie in terms of cast, you can see it was made 18 years after the event as, especially at the beginning, there was much and merited criticism of the hapless British military initiative resulting in the rescue of  some  338,000 of the [...]

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In Order of Disappearance (2014)

This is a Norwegian film reflecting Skandi noir at its best and most gory. The story is relatively simple. A noble citizen Nils Dickman (Stellan Skarsgard), who clears the snow with his snow plough , receiving a civic award for his work ,  has his son shot as he is mistakenly assumed to have [...]

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And another thing …

I got up this morning to greet a sunny day, so here’s another offering from Tuba Skinny to get everyone in the mood. As usual, they’re playing at their usual pitch on Royal Street, New Orleans in February of last year (hence the wintry clothes), and in typical style – note the [...]

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I had reservations about listening to the broadcast last night on Radio 3 of Michael Frayn’s play Copenhagen for 3 reasons. Niels Bohr 1) It is based on the meeting in 1941 of two leading physicists Niels Bohr, a Jewish Dane, and Werner Eisenberg, a Jewish German who headed up the Nazi nuclear [...]

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A hard choice to make

Spotted today, a choice by Clemencé Michallon of essential Bob Dylan’s songs that everyone needs in their lives, selected upon the occasion of his 79th birthday – see here – THE INDEPENDENT Whenever making a musical list, it’s sometimes a tough and subjective task to choose [...]

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Lust, Caution

Ang Lee is now an international director of renown ( Brokeback Mounatin) but the Taiwan cineaste  plied his trade with Far Eastern movies which I prefer to his more commercial works like Hidden Tiger, Crouching Tiger . One such I watched for the third time yesterday, namely Lust, Caution. Some [...]

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A pleasing find

It’s a fact of life that when you have some time on your hands and access to the internet you can come across some interesting or fun stuff. Shaye Cohn Today – as the first in an occasional series – I’m going to feature Tuba Skinny a busking jazz band previously unknown to [...]

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