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Summing up.

The general view of the three Rusters in Las Canarias was that this was a successful trip. Indeed Bob was saying that rather than visit Cape Town next January for the South Africa v England Test – being his 5th trip there – he would be happier to return to Lanzarote and Tenerife. We had [...]

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Our journey from Lanzarote to Tenerife was no simple island hop largely because of the lack of signage in Canarian airports. The taxi driver in Lanzarote dropped us off at the international terminal – not the domestic one – though neither seemed marked. At the correct terminal we could [...]

January 12, 2019 // 0 Comments

Adios Lanzarote

Today the party is leaving Lanzarote from Tenerife. We liked Lanzarote a lot, our only real beef was the hotel with it’s deficient key cards and buffet. Bob says he will come back but as regards hotel will move up a star. My friends took me to lunch at Brisa Marina a popular sea food restaurant [...]

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Manrique Tour

Yesterday we went on a coach tour to learn more about the places of the extraordinary Cesar Manrique. The words ‘eco-friendly’ turn me off for me as it normally means someone is getting high and mighty about the environment. However I admire a man such as Manrique, who imports into his [...]

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Day three

We are now fully settled and into our routine. No complaints from the party of sunburn, mosquito bites,upset tummy and generally we like the hotel. After our morning dip, we made our early morning walk into the Marina. It was noticeable that much was closed. I had forgotten how it was in the UK [...]

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Second Day/Lanzarote

I cannot claim to have suffered a Xmas of family argument, turkey leftovers and boring telly but this was my first festive period in the UK for many years and so I was delighted to sign up for the latest Rust tour with the promise of winter sunshine. I had never visited the Canary Islands before [...]

January 6, 2019 // 0 Comments

The Canary Islands

Yesterday I led a Rusters trip – not a sporting one – but a general travel one to the Canary Islands. Daffers had indicated she needed some R & R after the horrors of making a family Xmas and Bob Tickler was up for it too. The destination was left to me. I had never been to the [...]

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Hmmnnn, let’s see …

Amidst everything that is currently going on in the word – let’s begin with Brexit, President Trump and the mayhem of the festive season as it swings into full-on mode – just occasionally it’s quite reassuring, if not refreshing, to come across something that offers a vision of a potential [...]

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The Price of Everything/ Bloomsbury art

The Price of Everything is supposed to take the lid off the contemporary art world. It does not do so. Nathaniel Kahn Reason? It is confined to New York and only centres on modern art not the Old Masters. It’s really a series of interviews with the big players: the artists, dealers, auction [...]

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Charleston Farm House

The Bloombury set is inextricably linked with that part of London once Thoby Stephen, brother of Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf, moved to 46 Gordon Square. Its actual origins are to be found at Trinity College Cambridge which Thoby Stephen, Clive Bell, his cousin Lytton Strachey all attended at [...]

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