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PGA wrap up

Matt Every did not seem to so much win the Arnold Palmer invitational at Bay Hill as Adam Scott lose it. The Aussie Master Champ only needed 2 par scores after the cut to win, but choked. The unknown Every, with only 90 tourneys in his golf bag, won it. He now has US$1m in his bank account. The [...]

March 24, 2014 // 0 Comments

Mickey Duff (1929 – 2014)

Last weekend I attended pal’s 60th birthday celebrations. In one group conversation, a fellow guest remarked about how, these days, he had noticed that news of contemporaries dying was beginning to occur with growing frequency. The following (Sunday) morning, I awoke to hear the announcement of [...]

March 24, 2014 // 0 Comments

Quins-watch (17): the fat lady is clearing her throat …

Every true club fan, whether they support an elite team or their local village side, has a relationship with dejection. In his feature film Clockwise, John Cleese – playing a stressed school headmaster – summed it up neatly with the line “It’s not the despair, I can take the [...]

March 23, 2014 // 0 Comments

A sad night in Florence

The city has been charged with excitement all week. There is nothing like the anticipation of a visit from Juventus, especially when we have every chance of progressing in the Europe Laegue at their expense. Old scores will be settled. Perhaps there is something in the Florentine DNA, going back to [...]

March 21, 2014 // 0 Comments

Arsene clocks up 1000 games at the Arsenal

Saturday’s game against Chelsea will be Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game as le gaffeur of Arsenal. A tribute to this was paid last night on  both Radio 5 and Talksport. Normally I would not listen to such programmes. I admire Wenger, I like his football values and know many Arsenal fan,s [...]

March 18, 2014 // 0 Comments

The Tanner Report

There is life in the old embers after an eventful victory versus Newcastle yesterday. In his programme notes Felix Magath spoke of “positivity”. I am not sure if such a word – though often used – actually exists,  but I get his drift. He is big on the attitude of the team, [...]

March 16, 2014 // 2 Comments

One for the men in green

There are plenty of things imperfect about rugby union’s Six Nations tournament – not least the fact that it is a hugely commercial sports product of a cosy, self-serving cabal of ‘old world’ countries specifically designed to preserve the existing Northern Hemisphere order – but each [...]

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I have been to Cheltenham a couple of times and not enjoyed it. As with many English racing sporting institutions, it’s incredibly hard to reach and leave comfortably. I recall being stuck in a scrum for buses for over an hour. Also I do not identify with, let alone participate in, the [...]

March 15, 2014 // 0 Comments

Arsenal and Bayern Munich

Arsenal, whilst eliminated, gave a performance against Bayern you might classify as satisfactory or creditable. They suffered from the absence of Szczesny, Wilshere, Ramsay, Walcott and Gibbs who might have narrowed the contest even more. Whereas, though you cannot seen any deficiency in Bayern, [...]

March 12, 2014 // 0 Comments

Fiorentina file

Fiorentina lost 0-1 away to ther hated rivals Juventus on Sunday and now play them this Thursday and the following one in the Europa League. The bitterness goes back to 1982 when the scudetto went to the last game.  Juve were at Catanzaro and awarded a late penalty, whilst Fiorentina were refused [...]

March 11, 2014 // 0 Comments

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