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I have always found cleaners an odd breed, supposedly  providing a service but in reality imposing their own foibles on your household. French cleaners are no different, worse in fact. I have engaged a cleaning agency that offers a but not the cleaner twice a week as I have yet to have the same person twice.

Yesterday I was given Marie. In the lift up to my flat she told me I had pushed the wrong button. On entering the flat she did a quick tour and  then complained there were neither a duster nor gloves. She continued to mutter this. I pointed out that I rented the flat, that no other cleaner had complained and I was on holiday not a working housewife. Eventually I lost it and told her to do the best she could. She retorted that she was not complaining at me but the agency that supplied the flat. If anyone was at fault it was her agency.

You can pretty much guarantee that if a French  person can conceivably be unhelpful they will be. Today I’m taking the train to Sanary and asked the hotel could I bring a photo of my passport rather than the actual one list to avoid theft? The answer was of course no.

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