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comparing notes

It’s interesting to compare notes with William (Byford), both of us victims of crime. A burglary is a far more invasive crime than a pickpocket and more was stolen from him too. I still notice that the first reaction in both cases is  disbelief – “Has it really happened ?”

Followed by a form of shock.

It’s also interesting to play the “What if?” scenario. Supposing either William or I actually apprehended the criminal in the course of his crime? Would he have turned violent?

Both crimes were carried out with great “front”.

I don’t know the exact circumstances of William’s, but one assumes the burglar would not have known he was asleep in his flat. In mine the lady actually saw it committed but the perpetrator made good his escape. Perhaps he had an accomplice outside the station to whom the wallet was passed.

Lotti left yesterday for Munich.

Those who say Germans have no sense of humour should meet her as her smile was ever-present.

Even when she mentioned she thought it was an earthquake she heard from her room when it was actually me snoring next door this was more the subject of amusement than complaint.

Sadly, in the last half hour of her visit I fell victim to a gastric upset and dared not stray too far from the  toilet.

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