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“Don’t worry, be happy …” (as the man sang) – the fun is about to begin!

Once again, folks, I ought to begin with a disclaimer.

Rusters will already will be familiar with my personal ‘journey’ and position on Brexit, i.e. that I had never previously voted in any election or public vote but saw (and still hope) that by voting Leave in the UK’s  2016 EU Referendum and that if Nicola Sturgeon would be true to her word and engineer another Scottish independence referendum if the UK ever voted to Leave … thus England, Northern Ireland and Wales might be rid of the millstone of Scotland and could thereby go forward with renewed confidence and certainty into the bright, sunny uplands of British future prosperity and world domination.

I’m sure that many readers, like me, are looking forward with keen anticipation to the prospect of voting in the forthcoming EU Parliamentary (MEP) elections and sticking two fingers up to both the EU Project and the useless British political “Establishment” by getting as many fired-up Eurosceptics elected as possible and then sitting back enjoying the chaos that will result when and if they ever take their seats and begin disrupting proceedings in whichever venue the Euro-gravy-train next takes it faceless-bureaucrats-heavy circus of hangers-on, with their snouts firmly in the salary-and-expenses trough, to conduct its ongoing but ultimately doomed business.

Today I feel I need do no more that provide Rusters with links to two media stories currently doing the rounds that support the contention that the EU ship is heading full-steam-ahead straight for its own Titantic-sized iceberg :

Firstly, a report on the findings of a new survey recently conducted by the European Council on Foreign Relations written by David Boffey that appears today upon the website of – THE GUARDIAN

Secondly, a piece penned by Tory MP Mark Francois – which admittedly should be discounted slightly because of his status as a fully-paid up member of the Tory Brexiteer wing – reviewing a documentary that was recently broadcast on BBC4 – see here – STORYVILLE – BREXIT: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS

With a bit of luck, the more widely things like this are circulated, the bigger the Leave landslide will be.

(And, by the way, there ain’t nothing more satisfying to behold than the consequences of giving your opponents enough rope to hang themselves and then them doing it … or, as in this case, being given free rein to say what they really feel … and thereby revealing themselves for what they – and their views – really are!)



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