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Fascinating comparisons

From time to time we spot items in the British media that are worthy of being brought to Rusters’ attention, hence my post today.

If we are to believe the ‘popular’ scientists who either present TV/radio programmes or pitch up as experts on the internet and/or in the media, it is just about feasible that at some point in the future science will provide the means for everyone with sufficient reserves of ambition and cash to go time-travelling.

Unless and until that momentous day ever comes to pass, in the meantime the possibilities, excitements and potential dangers of the concept will remain – as hitherto (so far as we are aware!) it always has been – the exclusive preserve of science fiction writers, movie makers and now video game producers, some of them with possessed of more creative imaginations that others.

Be that as it may, I commend to our readers this report by Rod Ardehali on a series of “Then and Now” comparisons that have become possible via clever juxtapositions of mid-to-late Victorian period photographs of recognisable places with modern images of the same scene – as has been made possible courtesy of the auctioneers Bonham’s, who this week will be administering the sale of a collection of Victorian photographs on behalf of its anonymous owner, as appears today upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL




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