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Final day, summing up and travel

We all spent one week within the luxurious confines of the Mamounia.  Almost out of guilt a trip was planned to see the sun set on the amber walls of El Fna Square aspected by the Atlas Mountains but there was not that much enthusiasm primarily as we had seen already this in better light and warmer weather.  So we cancelled.

The cool weather was the only real dampener but there were many upsides: the service, amenities of the Mamounia and gardens.

Bob’s room lighting totally failed again and they sent him a complimentary bottle of champagne with a hand written note of apology.

There were no feedback questionnaires which few complete but the Director of Guest relations asked if we enjoyed the stay. We did.

I am no fan of the modern airport and Marrakech’s Terminal had nothing to change my view.

We had to queue to get a boarding pass, queue for security, queue for 20 minutes in the so-called fast track section whilst the border control laboriously went through the passports of a family of 7 with 5 out of control kids, queue again for passport examination, queue for yet another security check at the gate and queue to board.

Okay, airport security is vital but this is officiousness gone mad which must surely irritate the traveller to and from the country.

The family of seven made a  decent job of ruining the flight for all with almost constant screaming from the tots.

I overheard a conversation with the steward and two passengers ahead of me.

The steward said he knew of one case when the passengers paid £10,000 for a first class seat to the Caribbean and had no sleep at all  because of tots screaming.

He also said BA Gatwick tends to get the raw deal in terms of modern aircraft and the food provided on the journey home is local and often of poor quality.

I’m old enough to remember when you were served a reasonable meal in economy class, now you have to buy it. By lowering the standard, Business Class was made more attractive. It’s still very much drink orientated.

At Gatwick there was no one to assist Bob lifting his case from the carousel.

I would happily have less to drink and a better terminal experience, less aggressive security etc.

The culture now is about profit margins.

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