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Fiorentina file: Udinese 0 Fiorentina 2

Alan Tanner’s Fulham is not the only Rust team to enjoy a winning run. Fiorentina have gone 7 games without defeat and won the last 5.

The remarkable thing is that this has been achieved since March 13th when our captain and heartbeat Davide Astori ‘s own heart ceased to function on the night before the Udinese game which was eventually played last night. With Juve capitulating to Real Madrid  and the Milan derby tonight it attracted little publicity. Perhaps his death created a bond. Fiorentina fans hung a banner saying ” Davide manca” (Davide is missing).

It was a poor game but Federico Chiesa, called up for the national side against England, scored a penalty and what fine prospect he is, every bit as good as his dad Enrico.

Milan fans will be mourning Ray Wilkins, an important figure in English/Italian football and a true gentleman – perhaps we Italians understand his passing game, based on retaining possession, better than you English who still like to lump the ball into the box …

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