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Getting around Seville

Getting around Seville is no easy matter. However well you prep and map plan, once in the winding streets, often very narrow and lacking signage, you soon are lost. It’s just as well the Sevillans seem a friendly sort as they must be asked many times a day “What is the way to?”

Still there are plentiful cafes and not Starbucks but proper individual shops with decent fresh coffee and table service to refresh and allow you to reorientate.

Having concentrated more on the historic centre largely populated by tourists, we wanted to see “the real Sevilla”. We walked down a pedestrianised shopping area with some shops you see in every fashionable high street to local ones specialising in matador outfits, hats and leather wallets.

We asked a newspaper vendor for directions to a well known tapas bar El Riconcillo.

He suggested an alternative much close “Espazio Eslava”.

Just as well we took his advice as this was one of the best meals I have eaten anywhere let alone in Sevilla.

Diners were teaming out of it in the street and there was not a table to be had  by 1-15.

The signature dish was a cigar-shaped dish of baqeur, a fish and algae, too scrumptious to describe and – seeing others try an egg on mushroom – chose this delectable  offering.

We drank the iced red wine with lemon, most refreshing as 32 degrees does not take a heavy Rioja. The bill for two was 30 euros. Incredible value as you can pay three times as much to eat half as well.

I had my customary siesta before venturing out to Piazza Espana, a crescent shaped area in front of a palacial building surrounded by a moat. A wedding was taking place and the setting sun was the right time to get married and for us to see the square.

We took dinner by the river Guadalquivir.

Not the best of our meals but a fabulous view of the river.

This was only our second full day and we have seen most of the monuments, had some memorable meals and picked up the beat of the city.


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