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Happy Ending

A month or so ago I was contacted by a policewoman called Jade in connection with the theft of my wallet.

The incident was caught on CCTV so it seems a routine case especially as the perp (I still prefer the more antiquated ‘chummy’) was filmed getting into his car whose number plate revealed his address.

Jade had brought chummy in for interview and he confessed. She asked me whether provided he returned the cash, my only loss, would I be satisfied with a conditional caution to close the matter? I certainly would. It took sometime and a threat from me to complain to the Police Commissioner but last Wednesday evening she and her colleague came to my residence to hand over the money. There was also a “to whom it may concern” apology from chummy.

It was not the most difficult of crimes but generally I was impressed how it was handled.

I was surprised that I was not allowed to see the CCTV footage which might have put me to a disadvantage had the prosecution gone to court. My analysis was that chummy was a chancer, possibly one of the fishermen that work all day for a £10 catch to sell and, when presented with a wallet on the floor, could not resist taking it.

I felt it important in giving my approval to the caution to appreciate what sort of person he was but the police seemed none too interested. Jade is a conscientious policewoman probably in her twenties and again I was curious without asking why she saw a career in what was a dangerous job.

This week in the local paper a policeman in seeking to arrest a drug trafficker was threatened with a 12 inch knife. The hours are anti-social. She was working till 10 pm after leaving me. Her colleague said that my flat made a change from the sort of accommodation they routinely visit.

In a world of feedback I was surprised I was not asked for my comments as I would have praised Jade and the team, even considered a donation to a police charity but in the end just wanted (as the Americans say) closure.

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