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Has Joshua bitten off more than he can chew?

I was recently sat down with my brother, who knows a bit about these things, and introduced to the digital device called a Google Chrome stick – something you shove in the back of your telly via which (wirelessly?) you can play out videos etc. on your computer or smartphone on the full television screen.

Yesterday, with more than half a day to kill, we went on YouTube and played out some of each other’s ‘favourite’/impressive hits on that medium. He played me Prince’s epic performance at half-time during the 2007 NFL Superbowl in monsoon-like torrential rain (I then countered with Lady Ga-Ga’s of last year).

I then led with Mick Jagger’s epic solo performance of Everybody Needs Someone To Love at the Grammies in 2011 to mark Solomon Burke’s death … and then my brother parried with two black and white documentaries on the heavyweight boxing great Jack Johnson that were excellent and gave me, who considers myself a boxing fan, a far greater insight into the life of Johnson than any of the past forty years of occasional things I have read about him.

See here for the ESPN – shorter – version of the above documentaries, as can be seen on the website of – YOUTUBE

More to the point – fast-forwarding into 2017 – here’s a typical straight-to-the-point piece by ‘Buncey’ (Steve Bunce the BBC radio pundit and boxing journalist) on Kubrat Pulev, the latest opponent selected for world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

I’m a long-time fan of both the Radio Five Live boxing team of Mike Costello and Buncey, the latter because he’s an infectious out-and-out boxing enthusiast and never pulls his journalistic punches. Not for him a posture of sycophancy before leading promoters and boxers just in order to stay on the ‘inside’ in order and get an easy (“You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”) ride by being fed and spreading little tit-bits of media ‘news and gossip’.

Joshua and his camp may be smarting a bit after they read this, as spotted overnight on the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

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