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Impressionist and modern art collection

If I were to tell you you can see for free Picassos, Chagalls, Degas, Monet’s Gare De St Lazare, Rodin’s The Kiss, Matisse, Gauguin, Renoir, Braque and Utrillo in the centre of London in comfortable and uncrowded conditions you might think I am bonkers but I did exactly that last Saturday at the viewing at Christie’s in King St, St James as an appetiser to the evening sale tomorrow.

I’m not  a fan of the big auction houses for their charging of buyer and seller and the dubious inducements to guarantee a reserve price but at least unlike the freeport art warehouses they do at least allow the public to view important works of art.

I even had a free catalogue.

I was originally there to view the Picasso ceramics, a market that interests me, but I went upstairs  attracted by some gloriously colourful floral depictions by Marc Chagall.

Even on a Saturday morning – and quite unlike the Summer Exhibition – there was only a smattering of viewers. You could really appreciate a picture.

There was a third collection of modern British art where you could view Auerbach, Stanley Spencer,  L.S  Lowry and Henry Moore. I cannot recall a more enjoyable hour spent viewing art.

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