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Mobiles no, nature yes

Where I live and as I look out writing this I see my balcony, patio below, public boardwalk and Marina.

A common occurrence on the boardwalk  –  a popular place for walking – is someone loudly on their mobile.

One man yesterday held out his mobile on front of him and was blaring out to his caller some rendezvous.

Not only do such people ruin the quietude of others but are oblivious to the delights of nature around them.

He would not appreciate that in my own patio a little drama is being played out with 3 characters.

The first is a cat marmalade in colour who regularly takes his constitutional from patio to patio.

His every movement once in mine is watched behind the French windows by my cat Cassius.

Even when the marauder slips under my barbecue cover my cat is watching him fixedly, sometimes taking up a position of observation on my desk.

The third character I only saw recently as with this fine weather I eat al fresco. He or she is a little bird perched on the wall chirping away but his tweet is not an inane one but a warning signal to other birds that danger lurks in the form of the marauder moggy.

It’s a blissful irony that in our circumstances often described as “surreal”, nature has delivered such wonderful weather.

Nature goes on regardless, I believe that the Battle of Britain summer – so vital to the future security and then success in World War Two – was also a fine one.

Yes, I would like a beer in the garden of some country pub, as Ivan would like to watch cricket with a Harvey’s ale at The County Ground, Hove, and Tim Horsfall-Smith stroll the gardens of Glyndebourne prior to the opera, but unlike that oaf on the boardwalk I am mindful and grateful for what nature has given.


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