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The advance party left a cold and blustery Sussex yesterday early morning and within 5 hours we were enjoying the Royal Sea Food platter in Nice’s finest fish restaurant.

The party comprised myself, Daffers and her p/a,  a French lady called Valerie. Valerie had immediately established her credentials by mastering the EasyJet website and changing my flights. The passenger next to me worked in some personal capacity for EasyJet founder Sir Stellios  Haji Iannou and was delivering some document to his yacht in Monaco. We spoke of EasyJet – he said that rising fuel cost was not the major cost issue but rather airport service charges.

Spring had arrived in Nice and the temperature was 14 degrees. I always get such a buzz driving along the Promenade des Anglais the first time back; the azure sea to the right, palm trees and apartments blocks and the Negresco to the left.

We dropped off our bags and set for lunch at Boccacio which Daffers will review in due course.

I noted certain things you rarely see in British restaurants, for example the bringing of pet dogs.  A middle-aged man arrived with a sexy back girl with strong facial features who spent a good deal of her lunch on her mobile.

After lunch I took my siesta. At 6 I sat on the balcony and look in the magnificent panorama of the Baie des Ange from the supreme vantage point of our balcony.

In the evening, as it was Valerie’s first time in Nice, we went to a little restaurant I knew but cannot name in the old town.

The main disadvantage of old town restaurants is they are tiny and I was wedged in like front row rugby hooker. Aside from the discomfort you are prey to your neighbour’s conversation and they yours.

The stuffed sardine and the local delicacy Duabe – a sort of beef bourguignon – were delicious but in the end we wanted to leave.

It was good to be back.

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