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Realism – for and against

Today I provide links for Rusters who might be interested in either photography and/or generally to two items that appear today upon the website of the Daily Mail:

Firstly, whilst some may scoff at the practice of colourising vintage photographs, here’s a report by Charlotte Dean upon a set of ‘new’ American Civil War images that have recently been made available to the public – AMERICAN CIVIL WAR

Secondly, whilst art critics and lovers may take contrary views upon the nature of art – for example, would some of history’s acknowledged greatest artists have bothered to take up painting if science had allowed photography to have been discovered in say the year 1000 AD, or even perhaps whether photography ever be properly regarded as ‘art’ at all? – I have always found it fascinating to gaze upon the work of those painters and others who produce hyper-realistic work, not least in admiration at their skills. Here’s a report by James Wood upon some new examples – PHOTOGRAPHY, OR BETTER?



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