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When times get tough and every news bulletin seems to bring details of new chaotic developments to your living room that out-do those of the day before, the average UK citizen could be forgiven for thinking that the world has gone plumb loco.

Boris Johnson became Prime Minister on 24th July – not yet two months ago – and yet his hectic time at the helm has already prompted one of the biggest and most intense political crises that the UK has ever seen … well, unless perhaps one considers the darker depths of wartime.

By chance overnight, for reasons I know not, I spent some time trying to think of anything in my lifetime that was remotely comparable to – or somehow echoed – Boris’s current situation and what he and his closest advisers – and of course his Cabinet – must be going through at this difficult time.

At then at last a shaft of inspiration and insight alighted upon me.

For good or ill, and perhaps inevitably, it occurred to me that the nearest I could get was a movie, in this case the scurrilously satirical spoof mockumentary Mike Bassett: England Manager (2001), produced by Steve Barron and Neil Peplow, directed by the former, written by John R Smith and Rob Sprackling starring Ricky Tomlinson as the hapless Barrett, Amanda Redman as his wife and Bradley Walsh as one of his assistants.

For those Rusters who remember it fondly – plus hopefully those who like me have never seen the movie in all its glory yet might benefit from a smile or two – but also might succumb to a momentary pang of sympathy for those holed up in the metaphorical Number 10 bunker, I now present links to a pair of clips, courtesy of YouTube – see here:

First up, the trailer for the movie itself, which sets a familiar ‘England manager’ scene – MIKE BARRETT: ENGLAND MANAGER TRAILER

Secondly, after yet another disastrous performance, Barrett faces the press amidst a storm of calls for his resignation [Warning: to me the sound appears to be technically ‘low’ on the video] – ENGLAND MANAGER PRESS CONFERENCE

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