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For most of the group this was their final day and Ralph and Joanne were interested in our feedback. It was their first such weekend. Generally the feedback was positive. Personally I would have foregone the afternoon wine estate trip and preferred one restaurant visit . However it was billed as a wine weekend so clients might have expected this.

Our group parted company with the rest at Marseilles airport.

It proved an easy operation to order an Uber to convey us to Sanary which is halfway along the coast towards Toulon.

The coastline is less glitzy than the Riviera but more French go there. Sanary is a pretty port where Aldous Huxley and Cyril Connolly set up home, Cybille Shepherd wrote an enchanting memoir of her youth Jigsaw and also some German/ Jewish writers headed by Berthold Brecht fled Germany to set up a literary colony.

It is a beautiful little port.

We had lunch at Hotel de la Post. I will let Daffers review it in due course but we were all appalled by the bossiness and arrogance of the lady who took our orders who deemed we had over-ordered and over-ruled our choice of mains.

This is not the first time I have experienced such arrogance in a posh French restaurant.

I have stayed at the Hostellerie La Farandole before. It’s located on a point heading out to sea and well-appointed. Sadly the force of le Mistral made for a rough blue sea. We still had an enjoyable dinner watching the sunset.

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