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Savouring Munich

I decided to orientate myself with a walk around the Old City after breakfast. The epicentre of it is Marienplatz where the town hall a vast Gothic edifice called Rathaus (Rat is German for advice) dominates one whole side. Sadly the square is a construction site. Most of the streets are pedestrianised and dull shopping precincts of high end brands like Max Mara.

You could be anywhere in the world. However as I strolled around with no particular purpose I came across a food and flower marker the Viktualmarkt. Cheery stallholders were putting out their produce. I realised how big a role food and drink plays in Munich life. In the 20s there were vast bierkellers where political debate raged and one Adolf Hitler declaimed. His unsuccessful Munich Putsch of 1923 ended in his incarceration, he wrote Mein Kampf in prison.

I returned later for lunch at a cafe in the market and had delicious white Munich sausages with the inevitable beer. The waitress was cheerful and helpful. I felt I was amongst Munich folk.

I have not ventured that much outside the old town. Everything is modern. I was struck when I was walking how orderly and still everything was.

It did not have the bustle of say Sydney going to work. Employees with their cups of latte furiously texting and slightly stressed. However this is probably the tourist area and the financial and business section is elsewhere.

Today I’m going to visit the BMW museum.

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