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When everything that US President Trump touches, discusses, gets involved with and/or comments upon seems to be controversial, it is difficult to decide upon which issue he poses the gravest threat to humanity and indeed the planet we inhabit.

Some moaning liberals might suggest global climate change – a subject on which President Trump sides with the deniers, quite possibly (some allege) because those current and former workers in ‘dirty’ jobs and/or those that involve the extraction of fossil fuels are part of his core supporting constituency.

It’s a subject upon which my penchant for finding crass amusement in the most serious and important of discussion-points leads me to making quips about looking forward the effects of global warming such as to longer summers and warmer temperatures here in the United Kingdom.

I guess that the old saying “There are two sides to every argument” has to be correct, though sometimes one reads pieces in the media that make the ordinary punter like me sit up and form the opinion that – upon the topic at hand – there really is only one rational view to be had – see here for an example as spotted today upon the website of – THE GUARDIAN

I draw it to the attention of Rusters today because last night I happened to join a well-attended a public meeting called by a parish council on the south coast of England to discuss sea defences. During the course of the evening we learned that the UK Environment Agency had undertaken predictive scientific modelling work which had concluded that by 2115 the existing protective sea wall on our part of the estuary will be 1.4 metres under water due to climate change.


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