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St Katherine Dock

Yesterday a social engagement took me to St Katherine Dock, a part of London I do not know. Whenever I am near to the River Thames, I always think how little used it is nowadays.

It was never always thus. In the 16th century a wherry or river barge was the commonest form of transport to cross London.

I am reading a book set in’the times of the Great Fire (1666) catastrophe at the time but which lead to the rebuilding of St. Paul’s by Christopher Wren.

The Bankside was a quarter of thieves and brothels spreading over to Whitefriars south of Fleet Street.

The black ribbon that was the Thames at night was a pathfinder for the Luftwaffe so the quarter has had a lively past.

Now St Katherine’s Dock is a tourist venue close to the Tower and full of restaurants. There are a few yachts berthed there too and the place like most marinas has a relaxed feel and bit of an oasis from the frantic bustle of the City.

My hotel the Tower is well-placed but the room is minuscule.

If this is deluxe charged at £275 per night I can’t imagine what’s standard is … a broom cupboard?

The party I attended was on board a boat and as the sun set we had breathtaking views of the river.

It was one of those happy to be alive settings getting me in the mood for a more national celebration tonight.

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