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When self-posting our blogs to the Rust via the administrative website and – thereby ticking the ‘category’ boxes to tag our occasional offerings to ensure that regular readers and others become aware of them – we have one designated to ‘Lists’.

Here’s a link to what is definitely a List that appears today upon the website of The Guardian – viz. Elton John’s 50 greatest songs in ascending order, as chosen by Dave Simpson.

You’ll get no opinion or comment from me upon its contents.

I have never bought an Elton John single or owned an Elton John album. For whatever reason – and although I acknowledge that Sir Elton can certainly knock out the occasional quality and/or hummable ditty and even perform it with brio – he is one of those musical figures that has somehow never had the slightest appeal for me.

Maybe I should prepare a list of The 50 Greatest Musical Artistes That Just Don’t Do It For Me – it might be fun to see who makes it into the Top Ten.

Anyway, see what you think – ELTON’S FIFTY GREATEST SONGS


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