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Stop the world, I want to get off (again)

This PC madness continues!

The media is currently awash with reports of the decision of Scarlett Johansson to withdraw from a new movie called Rub and Tug in which she had been cast as a transgender character, this after protests from right-on campaigners that it should only be played by someone who is transgender – see here for the example of an article by Chris Riotta that appears today upon the website of –THE INDEPENDENT

Where do these campaigners get their brains from?

Surely, if transgender characters can only played by actors who are transgender, at a stroke this edict has limited transgender actors forever from appearing in non-transgender roles?

I say that since – logically, or else someone please help me out here – if only transgender people can play transgender characters – as night follows day – then only females can play female roles and only men can play male roles?

I’m only a sad old git but, if I was a transgender person, I’d be manning the barricades (or maybe off to the High Court) to argue that this approach is a nailed-on restraint of trade and also fundamentally discriminates against transgender people.

How or why cannot a transgender person bloody well act as a female or a male?

I thought acting was what the acting profession was all about?!?!

Stand by for further developments such as the fact that soon there will be no more releases from the Tarzan or Planet Of The Apes movie franchises unless and until all the ape parts are actually played by apes.

And, course – whilst we are about it –  no more Toy Story films unless Buzz Lightyear can actually be played by a toy …

Shurely this makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

[Give me strength!]