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Daffers always says don’t trust a restaurant with panoramic views. To an extent you could say this of Sydney.

As a harbour city, it’s up there with Cape Town, Vancouver and San Francisco.

But there is a key word and that is Harbour. Go into the city and it’s an unhappy mish-mash of sky scrapers and faded colonial architecture.

There are building works everywhere and really only a few areas outside the harbour and coves with real life, one of which is King’s Cross.

It’s expensive too.

Talking to an ex-pat now Sydneysider, he had to admit that Melbourne – with its sense of space, parks, sport and restaurants – was preferable.

I said two days is enough in any New Zealand city, seven days would suffice in Sydney. Unlike Cape Town, you don’t have easy trips along the coast or to the wineries of Stellenbosch. Once you are outside Sydney you are in the bush … would be lucky to see a car  …but you will see flies into our face. Fires are a major problem too.

Never mind London, in Sussex there is better countryside, world class opera at Glyndebourne, theatre at Chichester, racing at Goodwood and the vibrancy of Brighton.

Of course I enjoy the Rocks area of Sydney but so do thousands of others as there are not that many other places to go.

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