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I have been critical of Sydney’s city but yesterday I spent the day exploring the harbour and coves and felt more positive. When I went to the ATM first thing I could see was Sydney was going back to work after the Xmas break: workers scurrying , lattes in hand, scrutinising their mobiles intently.

I went to the new development of Barangaroo which has ferries and restaurants along the quay.

I then took the ferry to Manly.

This takes you under the bridge, past the Opera House, past the magnificent shore mansion of premier Malcom Turnbull (yours for £20m) onto Watson’s Bay, home of the famous seafood restaurant Doyles, onto Manly with its sandy beach.

It was rather crowded and the restaurants were fast food  but vibrant with life with youngsters diving off the pier.

After my return  I went to Coogee.

I met a friend at the Pavilion, a bar and restaurant very popular with the young. It had the normal problem of decibel level of Led Zeppelin.

Aussies tend to drink and eat early so by 7.00 pm the place begins to clear and by 9 can be empty. After a few iced wines, I headed off by taxi to Bondi, a beautiful shore journey through Bronte beach. Bondi is the nearest beach to the city and a great wide expanse it is. We ate at The Icebergs. I thought it was terrific with glorious views of the sunset. Daffers was making her notes so I will let her review it.

I  can see why Sydney is popular and property prices have soared. It all reminded me of Miami with plenty of space, ocean but better beaches.

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