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The lady has a point …

For the most part in the social circles I inhabit the subject of gender equality occasionally arises but causes debate less often.

Credit where it is due – in more senses than one – for last summer’s revelatory Lyon & Turnbull exhibition Bright Souls: The Forgotten Story of Britain’s First Female Artists bringing to notice the output of Joan Carlile (1606-1679), Mary Beale (1633-1699) and Anne Killgrew (1660-1685), truly cases of hidden lights under bushels.

Along with many of my female friends I smile – if not more – at some of the “Shock! Horror!” reactions of my fellow (male) contributors to the modern advances of we members of the “monstrous regiment” but I trust that they will not mind me making the obvious point out that the theme of the hour is not so much the introduction of quotas or positive action but simply that of ‘equality of opportunity’.

Someone once said “There are only two types of art – good and bad”, which rather brings me to the purpose of my post today – to provide Rusters with a link to a piece by Jane Howard (on the right of women to fail just as much as our male counterparts) that appears today upon the website of – THE GUARDIAN



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