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The Mediterrenean diet

No  disrespect to Daffers and her ilk that spend significant amount of their waking hours in restaurants but often you cannot beat a simple meal at home. Yesterday after a stroll down the Promenade we partook of asparagus, prawns, ham and salad all fresh from the market that day on the terrace and enjoyed it immensely.

The Mediterranean diet, based on olive oil, is widely praised but the French do bake marvellous bread and patisseries and their chocolate shops are a cornucopia of bons bons too succulent to mention and these are all obviously highly fattening. They are not beer drinkers, the average French supermarket or mini market is full of rose wine. You do not see the specimens of massive obesity one confronts back in the UK.

I suspect that crisps, ready-made meals from the supermarket to be eaten in front of the telly and beer are not consumed in such quantity.

I see many advantages to eating at home especially with a view over the Baie Des Anges.

It’s cheaper, you can enjoy top of the range wine at sensible prices, if you want to take a call you have privacy and don’t have to hear other mobile phone conversations, no screaming children and no interfering waiter.

Okay, you have to prepare and clear but you don’t get a massive bill at the end of it. At the Colombe d’Or the other day we commented on a lady that brought a young girl probably aged six. She stationed her right in the middle of the table and most of the conversation and all of the attention ran through her. There seemed to be an  elderly host who had not invited her and I wonder how pleased he was by her presence.

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