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The PC advance continues …

Just as the human condition defines our view of the world, so does our stage of life.

It’s not so much a case of “Stop the world I want to get off!” but the fact that – as we reach the cusp of adulthood – our backgrounds and circumstances determine our ‘snapshot’ of how the world is and how it works.

We then live by those guidelines, or try to.

And then, as night follows day, the ‘rules’ inevitably keep changing (as things do) and, much as we might like it to be, it’s never a case of embracing those aspects of the new that seem positive and sensible and simply rejecting the rest.

How so? Because they’re all intertwined and that choice doesn’t exist.

And that’s why – as time passes – the older generations fall behind.

Partly because they’re happy abiding by the norms that they grew up with and applied to their lives – and partly because they’re gradually becoming less able to understand or cope with the world as it hurtles into the future … and simultaneously don’t care, to a degree stuck in an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset tinged with an inner conviction that “What worked for me should also work for those who come after me – after all, not all change is good …”

Which brings me to a couple of  developments that I spotted overnight on the media:

Tim Stickings reports upon the BFI’s new “diversity standards” that will apply in future to the TV BAFTA awards as to be seen on the website of the – DAILY MAIL

Ryan Smith covers the latest ‘virtue signalling’ development in British television, again for the website of the – DAILY MAIL

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