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The Royal Wedding and Cup Final … ignored

Ivan Conway invited me to Sussex v Hampshire, an ODI Royal London game which meant I missed the Royal Wedding and Cup Final. I felt no sense of loss. My only interest in the Royal Wedding was that I doubt 20 years ago a prince could have married an African American divorcee.

We heard much of the modern monarchy but such a notion was dispelled for me by hearing an interview with their butler on Radio 5. I was surprised at first that the butler could give an interview not that he said too much other than what grounded, nice boys William and Harry were.

What occurred to me is that a significant number of the population other than those who watch Downton Abbey would not have have a clue what a butler does let alone have one.

In the week I had a coffee with Bob Tickler’s p/a who helped with a internet problem. I asked her if young people would be watching the wedding and were interested in the royals. She said no, it was all about celebrities, an A list of which attended the wedding and were duly photographed. I felt happy for Harry when my mind went back to the desolate figure walking behind his mother’s bier but since then I have felt it best to keep my vaguely republican feelings to myself.

Although the Cup Final was screened in our section no one watched the game. Our match was the better entertainment as no team asserted a dominance and Hampshire won with 4 balls to spare.

I watched one of the modern stars of batting Hashim Amla score 63 but it was another South African Gareth Berg with 3-51 and 65 who won the day for Hampshire. In the duller moments of which there were few we discussed in congenial company over a bottle chilled rose, the Ryder Cup selections, the play-offs, the recall of Josh Buttler, and other sporting matters in equally congenial conditions. It occurred to me that next Saturday’s game at Wembley at 5, the Play Off Championship Final between Aston Villa and Fulham, carries greater significance than the Cup Final and possibly too the Royal Wedding.

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