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The Saga endeth

I had to admit conditional defeat in my battle with Saga. I took advice from a loss adjuster I have known for many years who said that an insurance company can and does cancel a policy if payment is not made, even though it is the incorrect sum.

So I decided to agree to pay on a quarterly basis and see in the interim if better quotes can be obtained.

My loss adjuster said there is a reason why you cannot find an address – or indeed any way of contact – as quite simply they do not want you to do so.

So you have a director of customer service whom you cannot reach.

This is an extraordinary state of affairs even more so as

1) I have been bombarded by Saga with every manner of promotion

2) The company’s image – one may say raison d’etre – is to provide a service to the elderly, who may not understand let alone operate digitally and require a personal touch.

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