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The Trial of Christine Keeler

I’m 3 episodes into the The Trial of Christine Keeler and am underwhelmed.

Superficially it has all the elements of a powerful drama: sex, power, scandal , interesting personalities and no need to create any characters.

The problem is that the story line is actually quite complex. The shooting incident and subesqenu trial of Johnny Edgecombe the lover of Christine Keeler led to the speculation  of her affaire with Minister  of War Jack Profumo took place a couple of years after she met him at Cliveden.

For the drama there are too many flashbacks but you do not actually know your point in time. A simple device  of “June 1961” rather  than “one year ago” would make things so much clearer.

Add to this a soggy script and the only saving grace is the acting of Ben Miles as Profumo,  James Norton as Stephen Ward and Sophie Cooksoon as Christine Keeler.

However you need more.

So far, it is a long way short of A Very  English Scandal. 

The series also conforms to BBC-ism, namely painstaking attention to period detail in regard to dress, furniture and cars but a makeover from the sisterhood in which Christine Keeler is the unfortunate manipulated by Stephen Ward and Jack Profumo for their ends.

John  Edgecombe even has an Asian brief though there were precious few of those around in the early 60s. All in all distinctly missable.

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