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The tribulations of trying new things without thinking them through?

On a topic that doesn’t necessarily affect too many of us over the age of fifty – and that’s because we either don’t (and/or don’t want to) the latest means via which we can ‘put ourselves out there’ via posting stuff on the internet, but that’s by the by – but which is worth keeping an eye upon …

At the moment the media is rightly awash with items reporting and discussing the ongoing developments in the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data-sharing/grabbing scandal that will undoubtedly have plenty of mileage in it yet.

Meanwhile it seems, in a wider general sense, exactly what control (if any) people have over information and photographs they post (or appear in) on the internet is a complicated and potentially dangerous thing.

Here’s a case in point – a piece about the fall-out of ‘private’ photos that someone thought they were sending only to a partner which incidentally won a student journalism award – that appears today upon the website of – THE GUARDIAN




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