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This fish is still rotting – can’t you smell it?

Well, whaddya know?

At the risk of appearing partisan and disrespectful to one of Britain’s sporting icons and his extended team, I have never ‘bought’ the Sir Bradley Wiggins/Team Sky line that everything was totally ‘above board’ about their conduct relating to the TUE’s (therapeutic usuage exemptions) that Wiggo took before/during his annus mirabilis of 2012 in which, amongst other things, he won the Tour de France.

Or sorry – perhaps I don’t mean their conduct at all – but rather the absurdly unlikely story that the then Team Sky doctor Richard Freeman couldn’t remember what was sent in a suspect package, or alternatively ‘lost’ the laptop containing his all records and/or indeed [was it?] overnight suddenly contracted some sort of mental issue that prevented him accepting an invitation to appear before any Houses of Parliament committee to explain his take on what the bloody hell was going on.

Here’s the latest development in the saga, as reported by Robert Dineen on the website of the – DAILY TELEGRAPH

And – in case Rust readers might have forgotten the details of the Freeman situation (and I myself was a bit hazy upon them, I have to admit), here’s a reminder in the form of a piece by Ian Herbert that appeared on 27th March 2017 upon the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

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