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This one will run and run

As someone who voted Leave in the EU Referendum, I must begin by declaring that interest.

The political Establishment’s carping that ‘Leave voters had no understanding of what they were voting for, that’s why we must have a vote – or even a second Referendum – about the final terms of the Brexit deal with the EU’ is fatuous. Throughout the Referendum campaign both sides – particularly the Remainers – warned that quitting the EU would mean leaving the single market, customs union and what-have-you was insistent, consistent and strident in furtherance of their ‘Project Fear’ thrust  … and yet the country voted to leave anyway.

I didn’t know that arch-Leaver businessman Aaron Banks was appearing before the Commons Culture Select Committee yesterday, nor that cynical but gag-laden Daily Mail scribe Quentin Letts would be covering the proceedings.

Nevertheless, for the amusement of Rust readers (in case otherwise they might miss it) I wished to share Letts’ report of yesterday’s proceedings as appears today upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL


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