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Une Journee sur la Cote

Michel Di Vacri

We so enjoy the Rust visit here. ‘Monsieur Tickle’ as he is known is quite a character in a region where many British characters have settled. They chose a good time of the year. In May we have the Cannes film festival and Monaco Grand Prix so things get hectic and stay that way till September.

Tuesday there was a big demo in Nice organised by the equivalent of the TUC to protest against the Emmanuel Macron labour reforms. Most Presidents attempt such a reform, few  succeed. One who did not was Sarkozy. We joked with the waiter – as Sarkozy’s favourite restaurant is La Petite Maison – that when he was incarcerated he must have thought of the fine meals he enjoyed there.

We were sad to see our OGM Nice boys go two up against Lokotomtiv Moscow only to lose 2-3 and be eliminated from the Europa Cup. We were hoping for a game v Arsenal.

I told John Pargiter that the national team is a good bet for the World Cup as it is composed of players from the best  teams in Europe – Real and Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, Arsenal – and a Nicois in goal Lloris. But what do I know? Last night in the Stade de France Les Bleus blew a 2 goal lead to lose 3-2 to Columbia.

Yesterday we went to Cap Ferrat and had a drink at the Grand Hotel. It’s full of Russians.

After that we had a delightful meal on the quayside at Villefranche at the famous La Mere Germaine, a favourite of Jean Cocteau, Roger Moore and Jean Paul Belmondo.

We had a proper bouillabaisse exactly 100 Euros cheaper than the one at Tetou in Cap d”Antibes that Robert had last year.

Talking of film stars we were all excited to see the cast of Larguees at Robert’s birthday celebration.

Next month is Cannes and there no doubt will be a different type of demo by the #MeToo movement.

Catherine Deneuve has come out against them. As Bob and  la Daphne have observed we French can be difficult but we know our own mind and do not appreciate others telling us how to think.

Besides, when it comes to sexuality and her role in the masterpiece on female sexual fantasy Belle de Jour, I would prefer to listen to la Deneuve.