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1900 calories a day

Yesterday I had my second appointment with my dietitician. I had dutifully followed her advice since November, so I was rather embarrassed that I put on a stone in weight. Of course, as in most cases, I had not followed her advice and attributed the increase to the  gastronomic excesses of the so-called festive period.

The dietician was a Hungarian lady who slowly and carefully explained to me portion control. This means eating less and a balanced diet of carbohydrate, fruit, vegetable and protein. She had me reduced to 1900 calories a day, which allowed all of 250 calorie for excess. In my money, this meant a drink. Two glasses of wine, but then you can’t have anything else. You would live longer, she said. It would certainly seem like it. I replied.

I countered that whilst I understood the theory of portion control, it had to be reflected in life style. For example, I am meeting some university chaps in my club tonight. I could hardly  eat a green salad.

I met  with my solicitor at midday, something of a trencherman himself. He had lost 3 stone and I cannot imagine him imbibing just 2 glasses of wine. In fact, we exceeded my daily dosage immediately, such was my state of shock that I badly needed a libation or three.

Later I managed to restrict myself to a Virgin Mary and 2 glasses of wine. My dietician said if you have one glass of wine, followed by a glass of fizzy water, you have a flow of drinking without an excess. One old friend said he absteems from alcohol twice a week. Andrew Marr did this and had a stroke.

Today I will swim a few lengths at my gym, as exercise is vital here. I have therefore engaged a popsy I met recently as very own fitness coach who can tailor a programme to meet my requirements. Watch this girth.



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